30 seed screening plants were established in Konya

05 August 20162 min reading
In order to provide high quality seeds to farmers and increase the production in rural areas, Konya Metropolitan Municipality established seed screening plants in 30 residential areas with an investment of 1 million liras. i_80_6 Indicating that the most important material in cereal production is the seed, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyurek announced that they established seed screening facilities on 30 residential areas with an investment of 1 million liras in order to enable high quality seed usage and production increase in rural areas. The Mayor Akyurek stated that the desired yield could not be achieved unless the high quality seeds were used. "Therefore, we built 30 seed screening facilities on 30 different places. In this way, we hope that the farmers will get high-quality and healthy seeds and the yield will increase,” said Akyurek. Two of the facilities operate in county towns of Emirgazi and Akören; the other 28 facilities work in the neighbourhoods of various towns. Akyurek underlined that the task of seed screening selectors is to eliminate foreign seeds and substances, classify and disinfect seeds. “Thanks to these machines, the loss due to diseases can be eliminated by using healthy and disinfected grain seeds. In addition, broken and weak seeds are utilized as animal feed. Moreover, thanks to these machines, the seeds of the weeds are eliminated and considerable savings are achieved in the agricultural challenges.
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