Ag Growth completed acquisition of Westeel

05 August 20161 min reading
Ag Growth International completed the acquisition of Westeel which is Canada’s leading provider of grain storage solutions.  i_80_3 Ag Growth International Inc. announces that the previously disclosed arrangement to acquire the Westeel division of Vicwest Inc. was completed. Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Westeel is known to be Canada’s leading provider of grain storage solutions offering a wide range of on-farm and commercial products for the agricultural industry. “The strategic acquisition of Canada's leading brand in grain storage further establishes AGI as a global leader in grain handling and storage solutions,” said Gary Anderson, AGI’s Chief Executive Officer. “AGI and Westeel share a deep commitment to product quality and customer service and combined we create a Canadian-based global agricultural leader with a long history of serving the needs of our customers. Westeel’s complementary product offering expands our growth platform within North America and around the world and we look forward with enthusiasm to bringing this outstanding company into the AGI family.”
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