‘Milling Industry Award of the Year’ for Cenk Engin of Stern Ingredients Turkey

01 October 20232 min reading

Cenk Engin, Operations Manager of Stern Ingredients Turkey, has just received the coveted ‘Milling Industry Award of the Year’ at the Congress of the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) Eurasia.

In awarding this year’s prize, the IAOM placed particular emphasis on the criteria of sustainability and adaptability to the price fluctuations caused by climate change. Stern Ingredients Turkey received the prize for its Compozym toolbox from MC Mühlenchemie. It enables the use of mixed flours that are precisely tailored to these challenges.

The Compozym Toolbox offers various ways of combining conventional flour with non-wheat flour made from alternative and not least local raw materials. A key element of the Compozym Toolbox is the MCgluten Enhancer. Especially in times of fluctuating gluten prices, it is the alternative to wheat gluten by ensuring the stability and volume of baked goods with reduced gluten use.

In addition, the Compozym Toolbox enables the integration of mixed flours with a non-wheat content of up to 20 per cent without sacrificing baking results. This allows locally grown crops to be used more often to produce quality flours. This reduces the volume of transport and at the same time promotes local agriculture, especially in emerging countries.

With innovative approaches like Compozym, Stern Ingredients Turkey shows how industry standards can be redefined and how innovation can simultaneously pave the way to greater sustainability.

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