Wheat prices continue to increase in Japan

12 September 20133 min reading
Enriching of the middle class in China each passing day has reflected on the rice demand. The demand of the middle class for the luxurious flavored rice and the decline of the agricultural fields due to the increasing industry are dragging China from the position of rice exporter to the position of an importer country. As the world’s largest rice producer and consumer, China is on the way of becoming a rice importer. The enriching middle class in the country shows more demand on luxurious flavored rice that is imported. When the decline of the agricultural fields due to the development of the industry in the country is added to this demand, China is transforming into a rice importer country from the exporter one. According to the news of Hürriyet about the subject; the rice trade of China in the recent years is liken to the fact that a “chicken buys egg”. According to the Wall Street Journal-sourced news of the newspaper; China made 600 thousand tons of export in 2010, on the other hand it made a rice import that was almost half of that amount. But in the two years after 2010, China’s rice import has surpassed its export amount. While China has purchased 2 million tons of imported rice in the first 7-8 months of 2013, the rice export has declined to 500 thousand tons. The rice stocks in the country continue to decline. Having 90 million-ton rice stock in 2002, China’s stock amount is expected to decline to 35 million tons in 2013. THE INCREASE OF CHINA’S IMPORT AFFECTS THE WORLD The increase of China’s rice import is expected to affect world commodity market. The representatives of Turkish rice sector say that if China realizes an import that is above the expectations, not only Turkey but also the whole world will be affected from that situation. Indicating that China has some problems in rice production due to the drought experienced this year, Sezon Pirinç CEO Mehmet Erdoğan said that cadmium substance has been found in the grown products. Expressing that cadmium has heavy metals and it is hard to eliminate it from the human body, Erdoğan said, “It is spoken in the world markets that China would have problems due to this situation. There is an expectation that China would increase the import. If there is a rice purchase above the expectations, not only Turkey but also the whole world will be affected from that situation as things change when China moves.”
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