Wheat and barley malt syrup added to Cargill’s label-friendly sweetener options

13 July 20202 min reading

Minimally processed SweetPure™ delivers balanced sweetness for European bakery and cereal applications.

Consumers increasingly demand more from the foods they consume, embracing products made with familiar and minimally processed ingredients. To help food manufacturers deliver on these expectations, Cargill has launched SweetPure™ M Wheat and Barley Malt Syrup, a label-friendly, unrefined sweetener developed for bakery, snack bar and cereal applications. “We live in the age of mindful consumers, who want to know all about the food they buy, including how the ingredients are grown and processed,” said Phillippe Chouvy, Cargill’s business development manager for sweeteners in Europe. “Food manufacturers need simple ingredients that address the needs of these label-conscious consumers.” SweetPure, which labels simply as wheat and barley malt syrup, fits those demands to a tee. Cargill’s proprietary research suggests consumers view wheat and barley malt as familiar ingredients, ranking them positively. Adding to its appeal, the unrefined syrup meets ISO natural definition. As the syrup is unrefined, it has a light grainy taste and pale-yellow color that pairs well with most bakery, snack bar and cereal flavor profiles. While it functions similarly to high maltose syrups in formulations, its straightforward ingredient description and minimally processed nature appeals to consumers. Beyond its label-friendly credentials, SweetPure is only 25-40 percent as sweet as sugar, depending on the concentration. “Given its mid-range sweetness, SweetPure can be used to formulate baked goods and cereal products with more balanced sweetness or as a first step towards reduced-sugar formulation to meet the needs of health-focused consumers,” added Chouvy. “SweetPure represents an important addition to our already extensive nature-derived sweetener portfolio, which includes full-, mid- and no-calorie solutions,” said Ann Dierickx, Cargill’s sweetener product line manager in Europe. “Combined with our application, formulation and technical expertise in bakery and cereals, we’re now even better positioned to support our customers’ needs, whether it’s for reformulation or new product development projects.”

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