Reshaping the global grain industry amid pandemic

13 July 20202 min reading

Namık Kemal Parlak Editor

As concerns grow for the COVID-19 pandemic, food security and supplies of staple grains have become a global focus. Despite sufficient global supplies, several key exporters have put in place various forms of trade restrictions. The pandemic has shown up as global trade wars already going on and it particularly has affected the global supply chains.

Everyone in the food and grain industry is curious about the effects of the pandemic on supply, demand and consumption. In this time of uncertainty, the need for accurate information and forward-looking visionary analysis increased even more. These questions were answered at the digital conference organized by the International Grains Council (IGC). While most events in the industry were delayed or canceled, IGC tried to guide the industry through virtual conference.

The virtual conference comprises 13 sessions, 64 re-recorded video presentations, 39 PowerPoint presentations, 13 Q&A sessions on different themes including stimulating globalısation of the grains sector, policy initiatives to promote globalization, climate change and integration in the grains value chain, trade finance and the latest grains, oilseeds and rice market developments.

The speakers discussed the outlook for grain supply and demand and how to promote the globalization of the grains trade. They tried to answer the questions that arise for the grain supply and demand outlook as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to Miller Magazine on the IGC’s first digital conference, Arnaud Petit, Executive Director of the International Grains Council (IGC), said that having a virtual conference and keeping an international audience was the real challenge but they are satisfied by the number of attendees. “The IGC’s conference is unique in providing a broad platform of discussions between the public and the private sectors. A good dialogue allows the global food system to be dynamic and address the new challenges.”

All the videos, PowerPoint presentations and Q&A sessions will be accessible until December 2020. During these times of uncertainty following the COVID-19 pandemic, the virtual conference provided a platform to discuss the next steps to ensure the development of global grain trade.

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