Water and Energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly Production

15 April 20162 min reading
Today, developing sustainable production systems which minimize environmental problems is considered as the new approach in the industry; maybe the most important social responsibility of the companies to minimize the environmental problems.  Especially the concept of “clean production” put forward through the concept of “sustainable development” is considered as the most effective way to solve the environmental problems. h_76_45 The carbon that we expose to the atmosphere through our production methods and tools is considered as the reason for global warming which is today’s one of the most important issues. Due to the harm that intense carbon emission caused to the atmosphere which is a protective shield for the world, the earth is increasingly far from being a habitable planet. As climate change causes significant and negative changes in our lives this issue cannot be ignored. That’s why in the recent years, the big companies have been working for reduce their carbon and water foot prints as social responsibility. Reducing or stabilizing the effects of climate change is possible by using energy, water and other natural sources at a minimum level and reducing the share of environmentally hazardous wastes and gases. What is considered as the most important element distinguishing the companies from their competitors is their approach to this issue.
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