The capacity and marketing move by Genç Değirmen

15 April 201610 min reading
Kerim SELEK, Genç Değirmen: “We, as Genç Değirmen, have recently made two new investments. The first one of them is an investment for welding robots in order to promote the production of main machines such as rollers and sieves on the grinding part of mills.  This is a highly important and considerable investment. Our second investment is an automatic painting unit. Thanks to these two investments, we, as Genç Değirmen, reached the level of producing approximately 350-400 rollers per year.” h_76_5 As being one of the leader companies in installing flour and semolina production facilities, Genç Değirmen provides solutions for its consumers with turn-key projects since the beginning of the 2000s by its young team qualifying company’s own name “Genç” which means "Young" in Turkish. Having continuously renewed itself since the day it was established, Genç Değirmen has recently succeeded some remarkable investments in this regard. We met up with Genç Değirmen Executive Board Member A. Kerim SELEK at the 12. International Congress and Exhibition of “Global Trade and Milling Technologies” by Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation and talked about Genç Değirmen's new investments in its facilities. The company, which has already reached great success in production capacity and quality thanks to the new investments, gets prepared for a remarkable marketing move in order to convey its success to the rest of the world. Now we will learn the details from SELEK. Mr. SELEK, first of all, could you please give us some information about your company Genç Değirmen? Today you are under a new structuring, yet before stepping into this topic, could you please tell us about your company? Genç Değirmen was established in 1990. Having started to actualize turn-key projects in the beginning of the 2000s, Genç Değirmen made its actual breakthrough in the last 15 years. In other words, while we were establishing small facilities with 2-3 rollers in 2000s, nowadays we have become a company which can establish facilities with the capacity of 600 tons. Today we continue to improve our technologies in our facilities located on 30000 square meter area. Nearly 95% of our current team is comprised of young people; it just matches up with our "young" company name. This fact helps us to have both flexibility and ability to move fast. Nowadays we try to increase our capabilities by combining them with new investments. Let’s talk about these investments. Could you tell us about these investments you realized to improve production in 2017 and the probably positive aspects of them? We, as Genç Değirmen, have recently made two new investments. The first one of them is an investment for welding robots in order to promote the production of main machines such as rollers and sieves on the grinding part of mills. This is a highly important and considerable investment. The reason of our investment for this robot is to minimize the inferiority elements due to human factors and to maximize the capacity. Now we carry out the welding process of our products such as rollers and sieves by means of this robot. In this regard, we achieve an increase in our production capacity and standardize our quality. Higher quality was already among our main objectives. This robot helped us to become much more successful with regard to producing quality products. Our second investment is an automatic painting unit. Its assembly process is still going on and it will be completed and come into service in presumably a month or a month and a half. This investment was also projected to support the increase in capacity. When we actually increased our production capacity, it was pretty necessary to increase the capacity our painting unit. With this investment, our total painting unit capacity will be nearly 400 square meters. Furthermore, this investment is also particularly important for increasing the painting quality. Thanks to these two investments, we, as Genç Değirmen, reached the level of producing approximately 350-400 rollers per year. In this case, would it be possible to say that your marketing section will also be expanded? Yes, indeed. As you already saw in our advertisements, now we are opening up to South America. We already have a Brazilian partner. In cooperation with this partner, we endeavor to enlarge our market capacity in South America. Meanwhile we also have an initiative toward South Africa. Until now, our market capacity in Africa continent was mostly limited to North Africa; yet we are planning an expansion toward Central and South Africa. Within this regard, we have already begun to take measures to increase our customer potential and reach out to our targeted capacity. Well, how many countries that you have reached out until now and how many turn-key project have you accomplished? What is the number of your targeted countries after this investment? We, as Genç Değirmen, have done business in 46 countries so far and delivered more than 250 turn-key projects. Our international slogan is “Successfully completed more than 250 projects”. The Turkic Republics such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are among our important marketing areas. Our company has 37 mills only in Uzbekistan. For the North Africa region, we also do business with countries like Algeria. Nowadays, with the shrinking market rates, we changed our target customers. We focus on the whole America continent with both North and South America. For this goal, we decided to start with South America and as I mentioned before, we already got a partnership in South America. We continue to work in order to open a showroom in Brazil. It will be completed very soon and we will place our machines. I have already mentioned that we also turn our steps towards Central and South Africa. Generally speaking, our objective is to carry our customer portfolio to one step further. We would like to work with corporate companies and use our acquired knowledge and experience in this direction. As far as we observed, you have some developments with regard to the technology. Could you tell us your new machine Treximat? One of the impressive features of our new roller Treximat is its automatic lubricating system. This lubricating system is not an option specifically developed only for this machine. This means that you will be able to lubricate all of the 30 rollers from a single point in a mill with the capacity of 600 tons. From now on, it is not necessary to send an operator near every single machine. This definitely helps us to decrease the costs of labor, production and maintenance. As the machines are lubricated regularly, they will lead to far fewer problems and this will decrease the possibility of a failure. The other important feature of Treximat is its user-friendly preventive maintenance system which contains speed, heat and vibrations sensors. By virtue of this system, we can minimize the faults stemming from operators. On the machine, there is a panel to which these sensors are connected. When the panel detects any non-standard speed, heat or vibration, it gives a warning for 1 minute. Unless you perform an intervention within 1 minute, the system directly shuts down the machine. Today, there is no other roller that has all of these features in the world. So I can easily declare that this roller is one of a kind in the world. We see that you prefer red and black for your machine designs. Do you specially prefer the color red or will Genç Değirmen undergo a transformation? Yes, the face of our company is changing. From now on, we will be known in the market as Genç Mill, not as Genç Değirmen. In one or two years, we will completely remove the part “değirmen” from our name. This means that Genç Değirmen seeks to have a world-wide corporate identity. It can easily be understood from the structure of our machine. This is a particularly different machine; our objective is not only to paint the machine or make it with only one color, but we want to present completely different colors. The colors red and black that you see here are our launching colors. We will use the letter G as our logo and you already see it on the top of the machine and it represents our brand. Furthermore, it will be in a special and not frequently used font. We see this process as a transition and renewal period for our company. After-sales and spare parts services must be a part of increasing your efficiency in the world. What do you do for this issue? Yes, after-sales services are one of the important aspects of this work. We are really advanced in this regard. For a considerable number of customers, we can give services at the very same day. For the furthest point, our reaching time is maximum 2 days. When we have so many mills in a region, we directly open a workshop. For example, in 5 countries like Uzbekistan, we already have workshops, stored spare parts and a team of Turkish workers in order to intervene in any case of breakdowns as soon as possible. In the event of a technical failure, we provide service to our customers from the closest zone. We also have ready machines in these workshops. When it becomes necessary, we can change our customer's machine with one of these machines in order to solve the problem. This presents us a significant flexibility. There is also the issue of training. You need to be able to use the technology. Do you have any preparation about this issue? How will you support your customers in terms of training? We have a support procedure for this situation. For all of our projects, after finishing the assembly, we bring the technical personnel of the customer to Turkey. We train them at our production centre. After this training, they have the chance of applying what they have already learned. So, they become familiar with the whole process. Upon completing this training, they can dismantle and reassemble every single part; they also learn the adjustment of the machines very well. What is your general objective in the worldwide market for the following term? Where do you see yourself? Our current objective is to become efficient and prominent in America continent. Just because today we are not well-known in America and we want to change it. We would like to increase our recognition and show our own quality, reach more customers thanks to our after-sales services and of course fulfil our increasing capacity with our current investments. By the way, I would like to add that 90 percent of the Genç Değirmen projects are made by steel construction. We both produce and assemble these buildings. By virtue of this fact, we complete the projects in very short time periods and avoid the probable faults. Well, with this system that you mentioned, how long it takes to establish a turn-key facility with a capacity of 600-700 tons? We can deliver a facility of 600 tons with its steel construction building nearly in 8 months. This is considerably a short time.
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