UNION OF FORCES in milling and pulses processing technologies

14 October 20164 min reading

Association of Grain and Pulses Processing Technologies, Storage and Analysis Systems (TABADER), which was established to provide union of forces in milling and pulses processing technologies, realized its first workshop in Istanbul Wow Hotel on September 24th, 2016 with participation of nearly 30 company representatives.

 tabader_news_82 TABADER (Association of Grain and Pulses Processing Technologies, Storage and Analysis Systems) aiming at catching world standards by developing technologies that are used in grain and pulses production and at performing studies to increase power of these technologies in world market realized its first workshop in Istanbul Wow Hotel on September 24th, 2016. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bayram, Chairman of the Board of TABADER, made opening speech in the workshop which was realized with participation of nearly 30 company representatives.

“LET’S BE TOGETHER” Prof. Dr. Mustafa BAYRAM, starting his speech by stating that lobby should be formed in the sector, expressed that grain and pulses processing sector is disorganized and said the followings: “We want to be together and to realize all the works that will be beneficial for the sector together within activity of the association without conflicting. We want to represent the sector in national and international institutions in either public or in private sector. We do not consider this as a random representation, we want to represent from upper segment and to change point of view of the state somewhat for this sector. This is one of the important missions of TABADER.”

“LET’S CREATE OUR OWN STANDARDS” Prof. Dr. BAYRAM, stating while continuing his speech that Turkey has weakness on areas of certification and standardization, said that “We have original rice, red lentil and bulgur in our country, we have macaroni and flour circulating all over the world. Of course, we will comply with international conditions while determining standard for our products, however, we want that this association determines standards that we can get them accepted by the whole world for our local products and that can protect our producers. In the light of intelligence and science, we want to determine our standards and norms and to declare them to the whole world, and in our country, we want to provide that norms of the association are included within codex prepared by TSI (TURKISH STANDARDS INSTITUTION) and Ministry of Food and Livestock. ”

INNOVATION SUPPORT Mustafa BAYRAM, emphasizing that another target of TABADER is to follow innovations, stated that there is too much information flow and companies fall behind the market when they cannot follow innovation and information flow and continued his speech as follows: “We adopted filtering and analysis of innovative information obtained within the scope of R&D studies in the world and in Turkey, academy and industry, collecting them in a pot and transfer of these innovations and technologies to our members via TABADER as a mission.”

TRAINING SUPPORT Prof. Dr. Mustafa BAYRAM, mentioning importance of training, documentation and social activities for an association, stated that members of the association and employees of the members of the association should be trained in deficient points or in new subjects and that TABADER will perform these trainings periodically.” Stating that they are thinking of forming a library of all documents at national and international level in the meaning of information, standardization and legislation, BAYRAM said that social activities will be organized in different provinces for this reason so that sectors know each other more closely.

GRANT, FINANCE MANAGEMENT AND INCENTIVES A special presentation was made for participants by Filiz Bülbül, General Coordinator of Dolpfin Proje Danışmanlık, and by Duygu Sayın, Project Finance Manager, about grant and incentives for milling sector in first workshop of TABADER. Bülbül and Sayın transferred detail information on KOSGEB (Small And Medium Industry Development Organization) supports, TUBITAK (Scientific And Technological Research Council Of Turkey) supports, Development Agency grants, EU funds and foreign trade supports of the Ministry of Economy, investment incentives, IPARD Agricultural Rural Development funds, EXIMBANK export credits, European Investment Bank Credits, World Bank credits, investment credits, and Credit Guarantee Fund (CGF) and they answered questions of the participants.


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