08 August 20183 min reading

AUSD and GUSAD will hold an important conference in Ukraine which is on the way to be a global grain giant. A committee consisting of 150 persons from Turkey will participate the “Grain Processors Forum” that will take in place in Odessa. GUSAD President Erhan Özmen said that the conference will bring the world leader flor industrialists and Ukrainian producers together and added, “We aim to create an environment that will contribute to both parties in the global competition and establish corporate cooperations.”


Odessa, a strategic Ukrainian port city in the Black Sea, will host an important conference addressing the grain and flour sectors in the forthcoming days. In the “Grain Processors Forum – 2018” conference, that will take place on 28- 29 September, will discuss the latest developments about the grain market in the Black Sea which is gradually increasing its impact in the grain market. The conference is being organized with the cooperation of The Association of Southeastern Flour Industrialists (GUSAD), Association of Anatolian Flour Industrialists (AUSD), APK-Inform, Ukraine-based agricultural consultancy organization and Ukraine Millers’ Association.

GUSAD and AUSD will attend the conference in Odessa in which opportunities for investment and cooperation will be discussed. GUSAD President Erhan Özmen talked to Miller Magazine about the conference and said that a 150-person committee from Turkey consisting of officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Turkish Grain Board will attend the three-day program. Özmen pointed out that UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Bank (EBRD) and International Finance Corporation are supporting the program and expressed that the conference will bring the Ukrainian producers who have increased their shares in global grain trade together with the representatives of Turkish flour industry which became the world leader in flour exports. Özmen highlighted that two panels titled “Global Market of Grains’ By-Products: Trends and Forecasts” and “Ukrainian Grain and Flour Trade” will be held in the forum and added, “We will discuss the matters that interest both parties. We will consult on the future of global wheat and flour trade. We will evaluate the future opportunities of cooperation between two countries. We are aiming to create an environment that will favor both parties and establish corporate collaborations.”

Ukraine which has emerged as an important agricultural exporter in the last decade, has a 15 percent share in global maize exports and 9 percent in wheat exports. Ukraine, which is predicted to produce 25.5 million tons of wheat in 2018-2019 marketing season, exported 39.4 million tons of grains, 17 million tons of which consisted of wheat exports in the previous year. Turkey’s import from Ukraine in 2017 was approximately $2.55 billion, while the share of wheat in imports was around $7 million. The partnership agreement signed with the EU has an important role in the latest improvements in Ukraine taking place in the agricultural exports, production and logistics.

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