Turkey to send 100K tons of breadstuff to war wearies in Syria

12 April 20181 min reading
suriye-turkiye Directorate General of Turkish Grain Board (TMO) will donate breadstuff ground from 100 thousand tons of wheat in order to help out the civilians living in Syria and suffering from the civil war. According to the cabinet decision with regard to the issue, the breadstuff provided by TMO will be delivered to the Turkish Red Crescent. Transportation and distribution of the breadstuff will be held by the Turkish Red Crescent under the coordination of the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD). Transportation and distribution costs will be covered from the relevant funds of AFAD. Within the scope of the decision, value-added tax will be added to the breadstuff costs that are to be granted, this amount will be chosen as cost and other revenues, if any, earned from the before mentioned products will be deducted from the cost and the remaining balance will be covered by the Treasury as duty losses. Non-operating expenses will not be taken into consideration during these calculations. The decision took effect as of the date of 10 February.
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