East African countries flock to Uganda for corn

05 January 20182 min reading

Uganda, East African country, is receiving a recompense for its corn harvest. The neighboring countries, which have suffered a decline in corn production due to drought, flocked to Uganda for corn. Uganda exported 38 thousands tons of corn to its neighbors in one month.


Uganda, the eastern African country, is experiencing abundance in corn production this year, while the other countries in the region suffer from drought. Due to the abundance of harvest in Uganda, the price of this corn has fallen to half of the international market. Therefore, neighboring countries surge into Uganda to take advantage of cheap corn price. Uganda has exported approximately 38 thousands of tons of maize to its neighbors Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo over one month and received $15.2 million, reported The East African, business-oriented regional weekly. The biggest buyer of in the rush is Kenya, which wants to enhance its strategic grain reserve. Kenya imported over 30 thousands tons corn from its neighbor Uganda. Other importers and amount of the corn they bought are Rwanda (5,405 tons), Democratic Republic of Congo (1,105) tons and Tanzania (480 tons). Speaking to The East African, “The middlemen are just taking advantage of the common market protocol to import low-cost maize. They are paying as low as $18.4 for a 90-kilogram bag and then blending it with the local produce. This is finding its way into The National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) silos which are paying $32 for a similar bag. This puts farmers at a disadvantage,” commented the Kenya Farmers Association director Kipkorir Arap Menjo.

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