TMO sends flour aid to Yemen

10 August 20171 min reading

Turkish Grain Board (TMO) launched a mobilization campaign to send aid to Yemen, after Pakistan, Palestine, Somali and Syria. 

tmoThe General Directorate of Turkish Grain Board (TMO) launched and aid campaign to support Yemen, which has been going through the most difficult period in its history due to civil war, hunger, drought and epidemic diseases. 10,000 tons of flour supplied by TMO has been loaded on the vessel “Blue Fury” which has been allocated in coordination with the Turkish Red Crescent and Prime Minister’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD). The vessel, which set sail on July 9, carries a chlorine tablet and chlorine measuring device supplied by the Turkish Public Healthcare Institution, two fully-equipped field hospitals supplied by the General Directorate of Emergency Healthcare Services, and 120 tons of aid, including food, humanitarian aid, medicine and medical supplies.

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