The Place of Grains in Food Security and Food Safety - II

05 August 20152 min reading
World population which has been increasing gradually today has reached 7 billion. Increasing population causes requirement for food to increase too. However, agricultural lands and sources which are needed to produce required foods do not increase in the same rate with the population. Along with this, consumed grains’ being risk-free for human health is one of the most important titles today. These led relevant experts make research studies on “efficiency”, “biosecurity” and “quality” in food production especially in recent years. However, reducing losses in available production amount and providing security to available production as well as increasing the production is essential. kapak68Every person needs safe foodstuff in specific amount in order to continue to his/her life healthily and actively. However, while world population increases rapidly together with food requirement, agricultural lands and sources used for food production do not increase at the same rate. At the same time, safety risks in produced foodstuff increases gradually due to industrialization to some extent. Therefore, both producing food to meet the growing need (food security) and providing their safety (food safety) become one of the sole subjects. In this issue, we discussed food security and food safety subjects in terms of grains which are highly significant in human and animal nutrition.
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