The new factory of Viopol transferred to the new high-tech era by Acmon

15 October 20211 min reading

The project for the automation of production, warehouse and raw materials management at Viopol's new plant in Oinofita, was successfully completed. Acmon Systems designed, installed, and commissioned a fully functional and automated raw material management system for the production of special liquid polyurethane products.

Through an innovative application of automation and user-level operation, supported by special stainless-steel tank and homogenizer constructions, Acmon systems managed to control and ensure the safe management of chemical raw materials and their dosing with maximum accuracy throughout the entire production process. Raw materials such as polyols, catalysts, retardants, and other additives in powder form now enter the production process with full tracing and safety.

Through the TracePro Warehouse Management System - WMS applications in the management of the raw materials warehouse and the finished goods warehouse, and the TracePro Manufacturing Execution System MES application interfaced with the factory's ERP (SoftOne), Acmon Data provides automated information and data exchange from the production and warehouse areas to the management levels, providing real-time production and inventory data as well as productivity and traceability data.

The companies of the Acmon Group (, jointly implemented one more project, adding the well-known Greek company VIOPOL to the rich list of projects in the chemical industry. 

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