TABADER contributes to human capital and trains the sector

24 April 20192 min reading

More than one hundred trainees have participated in “TABADER International Certified Milling Training” held simultaneously with the IDMA Exhibition on 21-23 March 2019. The training aims to meet the educational objectives of the sector in terms of qualified human resources at the international level.

In an attempt to address the sector’s needs for educated labor force, TABADER launched a milling training program. The prominent organization of the cereal and pulses sector, TABADER provided a training program during the IDMA 2019 Exhibition held between 21 and 23 March 2019. In the three-day-long program, participants received extensive information at milling sectoral economy, new products, R&D, energy management in factories, diagram, licensed warehousing, quality control, enrichment, ration preparation, milling machinery, automation, machine maintenance, and repair. More than 100 trainees attended the program given by academicians and prominent experts of the sector. Educators who are lecturing at the German Milling School also contributed to the training.

Participants included technical staff, people who wanted to work in the sector and students studying in related departments of universities. The training held simultaneously with the IDMA 2019 Exhibition, an international organization, and participants came from different part of the world. As foreign trainees participated in the training, the program was held in both Turkish and English. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bayram, President of TABADER, said that the training organized by the association is an example in which the sector can get its educated workforce. When speaking about the importance of the training, he said the following: “The milling industry includes the world’s largest food group such as pasta, flour, pulses, feed, bulgur, rice, semolina, and starch. In this regard, Turkey is one of the global leaders in the production, export, and machine production. The biggest gap in the sector is qualified human resource. In recent years, young people’s interest in the sector has been increasing every day.” Saying that the sector needs qualified human resource, Bayram noted that TABADER organized Certified Milling Training to close this gap.

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