Symaga provides silos for iconic malting plant in Finland

16 November 20222 min reading

Symaga, a leading Spanish company in grain storage systems, supplied a total number of 78 silos, comprised of 15 different sorts of metal hopper silos for the Finnish company Vicking Malt´s latest project.

Vicking Malt´s latest project has become a reference for both, the Finnish company and Symaga, firstly due to its dimension and secondly because of being the storage plant for which Symaga has manufactured the most different kinds of hopper silos up to date. Symaga has supplied Bühler with a total number of 78 silos out of 15 different sorts of metal hopper silos. “This specific project highlights the importance of offering in our product portfolio a wide range of hopper silos, enabling us to position ourselves in the market as one of the leading producers of hopper silos by offering the most various storage capacities, ranging from 5 to 2.649 m3, including three different hopper angles to choose from 45, 60 and 66°,” said the Spanish company in its press release.

Viking malt defines itself as the world´s leading malting company of special malts. Its malts come from the purest fields of Northern Europe and are distributed to many breweries all around the world for crafting unique beers. Such a broad variety of silos and malts comes together in a synergy between both companies shown in the latest malting plant project located in Lahti, southern Finland.

The new plant means a great challenge for Viking Malt, nevertheless, it has become one of the largest investments in the food and beverage sector of the Finish industry in recent years, a space where around 40 companies work together towards building a state-of-the-art malting plant with the latest cutting edge technology at all production levels. In terms of human resources, the challenge consists of putting in place a whole new working procedure for its 200 future employees.

Symaga is proud to be working ‘hands-on’ on this great project together with Bühler and is looking forward to being part of the next challenge in the storage industry,” the company said.

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