Sukup hires experienced marketing team

14 March 20222 min reading

Sukup Manufacturing Co., the world’s largest family-owned and operated manufacturer of grain storage, grain drying, and handling equipment, hired experienced marketing, communications and advertising team.

U.S. company has hired Jaime Copley as Advertising Manager and she will serve as Media Liaison for the company. She will promote and strategically market the Sukup Manufacturing Co. brand and its products. Additionally, she’ll work with outside media/publications to share the Sukup story from corporate headquarters. “She brings more than two decades of television news experience to the job. A former news anchor/producer and television reporter, Copley most recently oversaw two newsrooms in both Iowa and Minnesota as News Director,” the company said in a press release.

And Renee Hansen was hired as company’s External Communications Manager. Hansen will promote, market and represent the company in the Ames/Des Moines metro while working closely with ISU and other education institutions, as well as government affairs. She brings twenty years of strategic marketing, event planning, digital media, communications, public relations and graphic design experience to the job. Hansen has worked in numerous industries from ad agency to non-profit and most recently agriculture distribution and precision ag.

Sukup Manufacturing Co. is the world’s largest family-owned and operated manufacturer of grain storage, grain drying and handling equipment. The company is headquartered in America’s Heartland, Sheffield, Iowa and employs more than 600 people on its more than one million square feet of office, manufacturing and warehouse space. Three generations of the family are active in the business.

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