Solix from Buhler for guaranteed revenue increase

13 August 20142 min reading
Minimizing energy expenses and optimizing availability of plants, SOLIX is the name of Buhler's solution for the economical and technological optimization of existing grain mills and it guarantees revenue increase. Buhler offers Solix as a new solution guaranteeing the revenue increase for the mills. Head Process Technology in the Buhler Grain Milling business unit Walter Eugster explains SOLIX as, "SOLIX enables Buhler to help mill owners lower their energy costs and increase revenue from their grain mills. SOLIX is a structured approach that consists of a detailed analysis of the grain mill and a package of measures derived from the analysis. Added values for customers are created through plant performance, yield, availability and operating cost optimization as well as energy savings. SOLIX offers customers options for increasing their revenue in conjunction with minimal production interruptions and integrated service solutions which ensure the greatest uptime for the plant. New findings, such as trends and technological developments are also included in this." THE OPTIMIZATION PACKAGE Grain mills generally offer great potential for improvements. The Buhler experts direct their focus to a multiplicity of points in their analysis. The package of measures they identify can simultaneously contain multiple approaches for optimizing the entire plant. It might target increasing performance, increasing the flour yield, improving energy efficiency or optimizing sanitation and safety. If the recommended measures are then executed, the results can be seen in the form of streamlined operating costs and improved plant availability. These are directly reflected in the operating account as revenue increase – without any larger investments, a 5% plus can be realized, with more significant investments, an increase in revenue of 20% can be achieved.
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