RollCare profile measurement device

09 March 20203 min reading

"As the flutes of rolls wear out over time, millers squeeze them more and try to get as much use out of them as they possibly can. Wearing out flutes affects many parameters in the milling process, such as the yield capacity. The capacity of yield decreases due to wear, also leading to increased energy consumption and a decrease in product quality."

Sefa Yeğin Mechanical Engineer Area Sales Manager Yenar

Nowadays, most millers determine the time to change the rolls by their own experiences with such devices and machinery. Yenar, however, has a solution to help with this. First released on the market in October 2019 at IAOM Southeast Asia in Jakarta, the latest innovation from Yenar’s R&D centre is the rollCare Profile Measurement Device, a solution designed to optimize the use of rolls in the mill. This device is the only solution designed for the said purpose in the world that uses laser technology to measure roll life. After the initial measurement, rollCare allows users to compare stats by overlapping automatically the measured profile and the theoretical one and providing users with accurate deviations.

With rollCare, users can easily determine the optimal time required to re-corrugate their rolls. With rollCare, users can check the corrugation status of various rolls while actively corrugating on the corrugating machine. Millers can also control the carbide’s angles before fluting operations, providing a system to check whether angles are correct or still need sharpening/adjustment. rollCare measures the depth, land, sharp angles and dull angles, radius, pitch, and grinding area. These statistics are then calculated automatically to analyze the wear percentage of corrugations.

THE SPECIFICATIONS OF ROLLCARE Millers can measure the profile of rolls while sitting in the comfort of the mill operator’s room, thanks to rollCare’s wireless connectivity and rechargeability. The solution needs only one full charge to be able to be used for a full 24 hours. rollCare measures rolls by using laser technology, as mentioned above, and thanks to this innovative new design the device records data with excellent accuracy and via rapid data collection. Users can verify all types of corrugation style in rolls, especially when measuring the thin flutes that can often pose more difficulty for the average roller measurement device. American style corrugating forms such as RBV, Stevens, ST, and Dawson can also be measured. There is no diameter range for rollCare, so millers can use it for flour milling rolls, flaking rolls and many more. The solution is also portable. Specially designed software allows users to measure easily all the parameters required with toolbars. Users then need to input manually the theoretical flow sheet of the rolls they wish to analyze, then the program automatically draws a graph of the profile and overlaps both profiles.

Millers can export the results as a PDF or DXF to easily keep profile records of each corrugated roll. The software is designed by Yenar, with our 25 years of experience in the roller milling business. The solution is easy to operate and boasts powerful capabilities, reflecting Yenar’s brilliant engineering expertise.

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