Omas teams up with Allegiant for innovative milling solutions in the Pacific

20 October 20232 min reading

Omas Industries and Allegiant Milling and Processing Solutions have formally commenced an international collaboration agreement. The partnership will give Omas Industries the opportunity to develop projects in the milling sector in the Pacific region, guaranteeing customers a rich commercial and technical offer, accompanied by accurate after-sales assistance.

Sid Jain, Founder and Director of Allegiant, said: “It is a great pleasure for me to be alongside an innovative company like Omas. I believe that customers in the milling sector in the Pacific area need to innovate their plants with machines designed to reduce energy waste and flour production costs. The milling market in this area is mature, but profits are not always satisfying, for this reason there is a need for technologies that challenge traditional milling systems and provide core-solutions which are focused on sustainability, flexibility and provide resilience to the customers. Energy prices in Pacific are also very high and many milling plants are still using traditional milling methodologies which requires high power. I strongly believe Omas’ innovative and groundbreaking solutions will benefit both small family-owned mills, and large corporate mills in efficient milling. Furthermore, there is strong focus by governments in our region to reduce CO2 emissions and meet Net Zero targets, and with this partnership, we can supply solutions which support this vision.”

“I am very proud of the partnership Allegiant, and I am certain that it will contribute to enriching and expanding our presence in the Pacific area" comments Pietro Barbalarga, Commercial Director of Omas Industries. “Consumers are increasingly attentive to the quality of the flours that arrive on their tables and producers are increasingly sensitive to the reduction of waste and CO2 emissions emitted into the environment. Omas responds to these needs thanks to products designed and developed according to the most innovative and recent technologies. We are confident that Sid is the right person to represent this philosophy.”

“I am very pleased to learn of the partnership agreement with Allegiant – said Luigi Nalon, CEO of Omas Industries – This collaboration is part of a framework of deep and esteem friendship between the parties. Welcome on board, Sid!”

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