Ocrim hosts the "Wheat, Flour and ..." conference

02 December 20162 min reading

Ocrim Spa held an international video conference in Ethiopia on October 26, 2016 for the purpose of creating industrial and commercial partnership opportunities between Italy and Ethiopia. ocrim Ocrim Spa, among the leader company of world milling technology sector, held an international video conference in October for the purpose of creating industrial and commercial partnership opportunities between Italy and Ethiopia.

Ocrim's industry representatives in the conference hall in Italy went live to the session in Ethiopia at Video conferences held at the Hilton Convention Center in Ethiopia with the heading of "Wheat, Flour, and ...2016". For the purpose of creating the opportunities for cooperation between the two countries, the principals of Italian agricultural food companies in the field of milling, pastry, wine, olive oil, vegetables and fruits shared information on two different topics to be technical and international. While the heading of "Stone Mill and Alternative Flours" is included in the technical section, the subject of High Quality Production for Agricultural Sector and Customer Health Development has been handled in the international section.

Ethiopian Industry Minister Mebrahtu Meles, Addis Abeba General Director of Chamber of Commercer Endalkachew Sime and Italian Ambassador to Ethiopia S.E. Giuseppe Mistretta and Aics Addis Abeba General Director Ginevra Letizia participated as the invitee.

Agricultural Support Chain Project Manager Tiberio Chiari of Aics Flrence spoke on "Quality and Safety of Agriculture and Food Chain in Ethiopia" at the conference and Economist Andrea Ghione at Aics Addis Abeba on '' "Financial documents for leasing and Agropark partnership development". President of the Ethiopian Millers' Association (EMA) Taha Hassen spoke on "Key elements and needs for the development of the milling industry in Ethiopia''; Ocrim's Vice-President Sergio Antolini spoke under the title of "Advanced technology for quality: Ocrim in Ethiopia".

At the end of the conference, the award ceremony was held which the leaders of the Year was selected among the industry's expert businessmen which contributes o increase the quality of life of the country's population.

Representatives of the Italian business world, participated in a video conference from Cremona, exchanged views and experiences with their Ethiopian counterparts and authorities attending the event. The conference build on the results of the "Agricultural Supply Chains in Oromia" carried out by the Addis Ababa office of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation that has allowed farmers in the Oromia Region to increase their production from 500 ton (2011/12) to 50,000 (2015/16).

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