New milling plant for Russia from Omas

27 February 20172 min reading

Omas signed an agreement with Samarskye Melnizy to build a 200 tons per day mill in Samara, Russia. 

omas86One of the leaders in milling technology, Omas Industries signed an agreement with Samarskye Melnizy to build a 200 tons per day mill in Samara, Russia. The agreement between Omas and Samarskye Melnizy in September 2016, involves refurbishing the soft wheat section, which was built by Golfetto in 1998, using the very latest technologies developed for the milling industry. Omas won this contract thanks to the many advantages that come from using its products in a new milling plant: • Leonardo, the world’s only roller mill able to save the milling plant up to 70% energy. • Creation of a refinement section with smooth rollers, 300 mm in diameter, for the production of fine flour. • Giotto wheat steriliser able to guarantee the extraction of sanitised flour of the highest quality thanks to the reduction of ash and the bacterial load in the wheat. • Innovative Galileo plansifter, designed to avoid the dew point and as a result, the condensation that comes from process water. • Installation of the Michelangelo purifier which, thanks to a static extraction chamber, guarantees excellent wheat calibration and cleaning. • 24-month warranty from the start-up date for all machines “Made in Italy” by Omas.

OMAS IS PREFE RED IN CONTRACT According to the agreement, provides for the whole project to be completed by Omas but installed by a local firm. In the interests of progressing relations with the current supplier, the electrical panels and automation software for the plant will also be executed in situ. The agreement provides for the shipment of the machinery, directly to Samara no more than 6 months from the start of the project. The refurbishment of the soft wheat section at the Samarskye Melnizy plant is a great result for Omas, which is proud at being chosen from such serious competition.

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