New Mill For Interflour By Alapala

14 December 20171 min reading

Interflour, prominent flour producer of Asia, established a new mill together with milling technologies giant Alapala in the Philippines. 35-million-USD facility has a grinding capacity of 500 metric tons per day.


Alapala, a company among the top milling technology producers, preferred by Singapore-based Interflour, Asia’s leading wheat flour producer, for the establishment of a new mill. USD-35-million mill is established on the Luzon island of The Philippines, one of the most flour consuming countries of the South East Asia on a 5.8 hectare greenfield site. The facility with a grinding capacity of 500 tons per day is serving to institutional buyers, medium sized distributors and retail customers. Interflour runs 10 mills, in nine South East Asia and one in Turkey with capacity to produce over 7,000 tons of wheat flour daily. Leading flour producer operates in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Alapala was choosen by Mabuhay Interflour Mill Inc. which is a member of Interflour.

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