Mühlenchemie invites attendees to first Digital Millers' Conference

06 August 20212 min reading

Well-known Mühlenchemie symposium to be held virtually in 2021. Flour and grain experts from around the world will discuss current issues in the milling industry. In five regional sessions millers will gain knowledge and ideas for their specific requirements.

This year flour treatment specialist Mühlenchemie is again holding an international symposium on "The Future of Milling." In 2021 the symposium will be held digitally for the first time. From 16 to 22 September, grain and flour experts from around the world will come together to discuss the leading current issues in the milling industry. Each regional conference will focus on the industry challenges of that region. This enables millers to access global knowledge for their specific requirements and discuss local challenges and methods with each other.

During the five-day Digital Millers' Conference, well-known international scientists, experts and millers will meet in the virtual space. They'll discuss the current trends and challenges in flour treatment, improvement and enrichment, focussing on the current wheat harvest, analysis and milling techniques. Attendees can learn about the latest science, economic trends and technical innovations in the milling industry and have the opportunity to network with flour and grain experts from science and industry. All of the keynotes revolve around the question of how to meet the challenges of providing high quality nutrition to a growing world population economically as climate and business conditions change. Over 20 leading experts in all areas of the flour industry will report on new digital and other methods and products for the analysis and processing of grain and flour. The organiser, Mühlenchemie, will present its latest findings and developments in the areas of flour improvement and enrichment. Laboratory equipment manufacturers will present the latest state of the art in flour analysis.

On specific days attendees of the Digital Millers' Conference can exchange knowledge and ideas with experts in their regions. These sessions make it possible to address the current issues and special challenges of local markets. Regional sessions will be offered for the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Francophone and CIS countries.

Interested parties can register at

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