Louis Dreyfus enters plant proteins market

16 March 20222 min reading

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), a leading merchant and processor of agricultural goods, announced the creation of a new Plant Proteins business as part of its commitment to helping shape a strong and sustainable food system.

Having hired a dedicated team composed of business developers, researchers and engineers in 2021, the company inaugurated a new R&D facility dedicated to its plant proteins business in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, US. 

“As part of our strategic growth plans to move further downstream and diversify revenue through more value-added products, we see an opportunity to participate in the rapidly-growing plant-based foods market through plant protein extraction and food & beverage application formulation, leveraging our existing origination and industrial capabilities,” said Michael Gelchie, LDC’s Chief Executive Officer.

Growing health, environment and animal welfare concerns are driving strong demand for plant-based alternatives to animal proteins. Food companies are rapidly innovating to solve the protein challenge and meet demand for sustainable and affordable products with great taste and nutritional profile.

“LDC’s Plant Proteins business aspires to be the partner of choice for food companies and innovative brands who wish to incorporate more sustainable proteins in their products,” said Thomas Couteaudier, Chief Strategy Officer for LDC. “We will enter the market with a first range of non-GMO plant protein isolates by the end of 2022, with an initial focus on North America, aiming ultimately to offer global customers a multipurpose portfolio of products and application solutions.”

The new Plant Proteins business will be managed by Dr. Manoj Kumar, LDC’s Vice President for Plant Proteins, supervising a team of experts based in California.

“The facility inaugurated today is a critical foundation for the new business, supporting its R&D and commercial program. It will serve as a laboratory and pilot plant to develop products, validate their technical and commercial value, and build know-how for future applications,” said Dr. Kumar.

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