Kipaş Holding takes its first step into rice processing business

29 August 20222 min reading

Satake Europe has recently completed the installation and commissioning of a turnkey REACH SYSTEM 3.0 (Processing capacity: 3t/hour/paddy) rice mill for Kipaş Holding, Turkey.

Kipaş, founded in 1984, rapidly grew across various sectors including textile, cement, paper, and other industries. Located in Kahramanmaraş, close to Gaziantep airport, Kipaş has taken their first step into rice processing using paddy rice from their fields.

An existing on-site grain store was used prior to the REACH SYSTEM 3.0 ensuring minimal building investment. The mill is comprised of six sections: receiving and cleaning, husking, milling and polishing, grading and blending, optical sorting, and packing.

The paddy is cleaned using a Satake milling separator, aspirator, and destoner before being passed to the paddy husker, aspirator, and paddy separator. The gentle milling system of multiple whiteners and polishers ensures a high yield of head rice. The rice is then graded before passing through the Satake RGBR full colour optical sorter and then onto the packing system. Installation was supervised by Satake's qualified Mechanical and Electrical engineers.

The Satake Reach system offers customers a customizable package which is delivered in modular sections including the steel structure / platforms, ducting, spouting, and cables. This approach greatly reduces project planning and construction time and costs. The efficient installation and design ensure the mill provides an immediate high return on investment, producing the same quality of rice as a conventional large plant.

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