Jamal Al-Hazaa inducted into Milling Hall of Fame

12 April 20223 min reading

The FlourWorld Museum in Wit-tenburg, Germany houses the Milling Hall of Fame. Jamal Al-Hazaa, Chairman of the Jordanian Al-Hazaa Investment Group, was now inducted as the third member.

The FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg was founded on the initiative of Mühlenchemie, the flour treatment experts. The museum high-lights the history and importance of flour. The Milling Hall of Fame, housed in the museum, has for three years honoured the lifetime achievements of persons who have made important contributions to the development of milling.

“Flour.Power.Life is the motto of the museum. It expresses the fact that flour is more than a staple food; it stands for strength and power. This is the guiding principle of businessman Jamal Al-Hazaa, who works in milling not just to make a living, but also because he sees his profession as a moral obligation,” said museum founder Volkmar Wywiol in his welcoming remarks at the presentation of the bronze millstone sculpture, which every Hall of Fame member receives and which was created by Berlin sculptor Sibylle Waldhausen.

Jamal Al-Hazaa, born in 1962, entered the milling business at a young age, going through various departments of the mill founded by his father Sharif Al-Hazaa in 1942. Jamal has headed the family company since 1979. Under his leadership the original local mill grew into a trans-regional company with thirteen mills and seven factories, supplying flour to the population in Jordan and neighbour-ing countries. With the conviction that companies can cause positive change, in growing the business he was always driven by the goal of contributing to strengthening and consolidating food security.

Jamal Al-Hazaa accepted the distinction with great gratitude, and said, “I feel deeply honoured to receive this award from experts who recognise our efforts of the last eight decades, to maintain the milling knowledge handed down by my father Haj Sharif Al-Hazaa. I’m proud of my profession as a miller, especially as a wheat miller, be-cause to me it has a moral value. This value comes from the key role that we millers play in peoples’ lives. As businesspeople, we have a responsibility to effect positive change for society. Milling is about the basic human right to an appropriate, stable and accessible food supply for all, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender.”

For the jury, this drive, attitude and its consistent implementation prompted the decision to induct Jamal Al-Hazaa into the Milling Hall of Fame this year. As the third member, he follows Volkmar Wywiol, museum founder and pioneer of flour treatment for assured baking success, and Martin Schlauri of Bühler AG.

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