Invest in Safety When Upgrading your Facility with AGI Hi Roller Enclosed Belt Conveyors

08 June 20222 min reading

Over 40 years ago, AGI Hi Roller developed a conveyor that eliminates the emission of explosive grain dusty and greatly reduces the operating costs associated with maintenance and cleaning of a grain terminal. Year after year, AGI Hi Roller continues to deliver the same, safer solution to grain operators around the world. 

The enclosed belt conveyor is totally enclosed, reducing the dust emissions you typically find with open belt conveyors. Built with rubber flippers that attach to the tail pulley, they work to lift and direct spilt material against a stationary deflector that then reloads onto the carrying surface of the belt.

When looking to make improvements to your facility and before starting your retrofit project, consider optimizing your facility with an enclosed belt conveyor. AGI Hi Roller conveyors have replaced open belts or chain conveyors, delivering higher capacities to existing facilities with their smaller trunking widths.

Port terminals demand speed and high capacities. The AGI Hi Roller enclosed belt conveyor can deliver capacities up to 3800 metric tons per hour. At one port facility located in Chornomorsk, Ukraine, AGI installed a series of conveyors with two-way discharges and also reclaim conveyors. Model 42 Hi Roller conveyors with 750 metric tons per hour capacities were installed above the silos. Model 54 Hi Life reclaim conveyors transferred product out to the ship loader at 1500 metric tons per hour. 

With over 9,000 conveyors sold worldwide, in port and inland terminals from Ukraine, Romania, Canada, Brazil and Australia, grain handlers around the world choose AGI Hi Roller as their industry safety standard. With their reduced dust emissions, isolated bearings, and higher capacities, AGI Hi Roller delivers not only the safer choice, but the smarter one. 

Enclosed belt conveyors can offer benefits over chain and open belt conveyors, but AGI will work with you to determine the best conveyor and solution for your facility.

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