03 April 20192 min reading

The digital revolution offers great opportunities for the milling industry. Digitalization has the potential to improve production processes, increase efficiency, minimize energy consumption, ensure easy and fast machine maintenance, reduce food waste and reach healthier food. Even though we are at the very beginning of the digital transformation that will bring efficiency and synergy to the food processing industry, the future awaiting the sector is very exciting.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the whole world. Key concepts of doing business in Industry 4.0 are ‘innovation’ and ‘digitalization’. Many companies in every field devote huge budgets to innovative projects and incorporate digital technologies such as blockchain, robotics process automation, and artificial intelligence into their production processes.

One of the sectors influenced by innovation and digitalization is the food processing industry. Innovation has the capacity to meet the needs of the rapidly growing world population with digital investments in a sustainable manner. Technology has the potential to bring greater advantage to all players in the supply chain, bringing greater efficiency to production processes. The companies that realize this are making investments in order to adapt to the changing market conditions and to the digital age in order to meet the demand. Companies are working on innovative technologies to produce solutions that include a controlled production system, develop systems that conduct comprehensive data analysis, improve process efficiency, ensure easy and fast machine maintenance, and make a long working life possible. The milling industry, where the digital revolution shows its effect, still has a long way to go in this context. For the moment we are at the very beginning of the road, yet the direction is clear. More efficient facilities will be built in which inputs, particularly energy consumption, and resources and maintenance costs and periods are reduced.

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