Industry 4.0 and milling

06 April 20171 min reading

Can the flour mill industry become fully compatible with the industry 4.0 technology? With the industry 4.0 technology, instant control in the process can be performed in a short time, the quality of the final product can be determined in advance, the devices can be calibrated by themselves and all these can be possible with minimum technical and administrative personnel intervention.

88coverstoryIt is possible to define the age we live in as the fourth industrial revolution. The concept that most appropriately represents the Fourth Industrial Revolution is “Industry 4.0”. The Industry 4.0 concept describes a system that connects companies and countries through an open internet network. In a sense, this concept can be interpreted as a reflection of information technologies on the industrial world. The fact that the products, machines, operators and many other production tools and elements are in communication with each other in the next generation “Smart Plants” is becoming a new life style of the industry. The milling industry will benefit from the fourth industrial revolution: With Industry 4.0, manufacturers can protect their production networks, visualizing a company’s completed product sample in 3D, and operations can become more global.

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