Imas Machinery ranks in Turkey's R&D 250 list again

08 December 20203 min reading

Imas Machinery, which is established within the structure of Ittifak Holding in 1989, succeeded to be one of the top 250 companies making the most R&D expenses in Turkey in 2019 just like it did in recent years.

Operating in the grain and feed milling, steel construction, band and circular saw machine sector, Imas Machinery remained one of the 250 companies that invest the most in R&D. Mustafa Ozdemir, General Manager of Imas, the 214th on the list, said, “Our R&D expenses for the last year exceeded 6 million TL. In 2020, we are expecting this figure to reach 8.5 million TL".

"We attach great importance to R&D. We are the first company to have an R&D center in our sectors. We got our effort's worth by being the 214th on the list. We are the only company in our sectors to enter this list. We have justified pride in this.

The investments we make turn out to be very effective in improving our product quality in a short time. Our R&D center continues to work rapidly on developing new products. Within this framework, we attach great importance to university-industry cooperation.

While lowering our production costs, we are developing products with high energy efficiency. This reflects positively on our exports. We aim to produce high value-added products that focus on innovation with our R&D center and also to contribute to the formation of an economic environment with high efficiency and competitive power," he added during his assessment on the subject.

Ozdemir stated that the technology and R & D investment to be made will increase the share of both the company and the country in the global markets and added, "We, as Imas Machinery, are working with this awareness and we are heading towards the future with firm steps. We will continue to provide added value to our customers, the industry and our country. As a company that exports to over 100 countries, we will continue to work in line with our goals."

Imas operates in the grain milling sector with the brand Milleral; in the feed milling sector with Viteral; in the band and circular saw machine sector with Cuteral; in the steel construction sector with Steral; and in the after-sales services and spare parts sales sector with ProSupport.

With the Milleral brand, it offers turnkey installation services of machinery and complete facilities used in the processing of grains into flour and semolina. Viteral, on the other hand, is a brand that carries the services of the production and establishment of machinery used to produce cattle, ovine and poultry feed to the feed machinery sector within the scope of turnkey facility projects. Imas's factory is built on an open area of approximately 60 thousand square meters and has a closed area of 30 thousand square meters. Ozdemir lists the main points that Imas makes a difference as "innovation, quality, technology, sustainability and 24/7 spare parts/technical service".

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