08 August 20182 min reading

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) released the list of top 1000 Turkish exporter companies in 2017. İmaş Machinery which is an affiliate of İttifak Holding and exports to more than 90 countries enters made the “The Most Successful Exporters” list of TİM.


İmaş Machinery, which has been carrying on business within the structure of İttifak Holding for 29 years, made the “The Most Successful Exporters” list which is prepared by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) and consists of one thousand companies. İmaş Machinery is among the four companies in Konya that made the list. İmaş Machinery, which comes to the forefront as one of few brands within the sector holding its own patent, is carrying its technology to Central Asia, Middle East and Africa. On the other hand, İmaş Machinery which has completed 19 turn-key projects across Asia and Africa in 2017 with Milleral brand, increased this number up to 39 together with the ongoing projects in the same year. İmaş Machinery is continuing its project in various countries of North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. İmaş Machinery, achieved taking out 21 designs and patents with its recent R&D studies, speeded up its work in this area and operationalized its R&D center in 2017 with the aim of increasing its power in the sector. In this way, İmaş Machinery became the first and only company having and R&D center in the machinery equipment sector. İmaş Machinery General Manager Mustafa Özdemir said that they were so happy and proud that they made the “The Most Successful Exporters” list prepared by Turkish Exporters Assembly Özdemir said that İmaş Machinery has established flour, semolina, corn flour, and ovine, bovine and poultry feed mills in more than 90 countries and obtained around 85 percent of its total return out of exports. “We are keeping up with the technology as a young and dynamic company and perform successful works. We export machinery and equipment to many places of the world. We are conducting business with a philosophy of producing not only machinery but also technology, quality, trust and comfort for our customers in our area of activity. We will further grow with the investment we will make in the forthcoming period,” he added.

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