Nuh’un Ankara Makarnası raises its sight with new investment

09 November 20171 min reading

Nuh’un Ankara Makarnası, which was established in 1940, commenced a new investment which contains a semolina mill of 300-tons daily capacity, a shearing and a spaghetti line.

nihat_uysalNuh’un Ankara Makarnası went about a large scale investment thanks to the incentive certificate of 100 million Turkish Liras it has received. The investment contains a semolina mill, a shearing, and a spaghetti line.  The company is planning to increase its annual production capacity to 240 thousand tons which is 185 thousand now. The annual return of the company is estimated to be 575 million Turkish Liras and along with the new investment, it is expected to increase to 200 million Turkish Liras annually. The company which already employs 500 personnel will create an additional employment of 100 workers.  The milling department of the new investment is planned to come into use in 2018 January and pasta department in 2018 September.  “This new investment will provide additional revenue of 200 million Turkish Liras annually,” claims Nihat Uysallı, the commercial manager of Nuh’un Ankara Makarnası.

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