Grain Storage and Healthy Storage Conditions

05 August 20161 min reading
Along with the growth of global population, it has become more significant to meet nutritional demand of increased population. This inevitable population growth creates a huge demand for all the cereals. In addition, improper storage conditions cause grain loss to a large extent in most in-demand cereals. Loss in stored grains equals nearly to 20 percent of the whole production. Initial losses in storage happen depending on inadequate capacity conditions, insects and pests infestation.  i_80_7 Grains which are able to meet the most of the nutritional requirement of human beings may differ in their energy content according to their quality. The way we store grains may affect the grain quality significantly. Until today, many storing methods have been used for ages. Although some of them still continue to be used modern methods which were developed through the technologic improvements are also being used nowadays. Traditional or modern, the aim of storing grains is to protect the quality of grains; prevent grain losses and conserve the product in a proper way. We have decided to focus on grain storage and healthy storage conditions in this issue. You can find the related article in Cover Story.
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