Dynamics of the grain trade

23 January 20202 min reading

Namık Kemal PARLAK Editor

The grain market could be described as relatively predictable a few years ago. However, the market is bracing for some additional uncertainties beyond their own dynamics. In recent years, global grain markets faced increased volatility, directly impacting stakeholders of the food chain. We can list some key factors affecting the grain trade as geopolitical uncertainties, increased regulatory compliance issues including financial regulation, changing consumer demand, climate change, opportunities presented by digitalization, and increased pressures for traceability throughout the supply chain.

Price volatility makes planning for farmers and buyers all over the world extremely difficult. Price volatility in the food supply chain threatens the long term competitiveness of agriculture. Therefore it is important to identify the drivers and factors causing market volatility. In that regard, we want to give further insight into these factors in our first issue of 2020.

We interviewed leading commodity market consultants like Dmitry Rylko, Director General of the Moscow-based Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR); Andrey Sizov, Managing Director of SovEcon and Mr. Pedro Dejneka, Partner and Co-Founder of MD Commodities. International Grains Council (IGC), an intergovernmental organization providing accurate, unbiased information for the grain markets, also contributed to the cover story. In its article, IGC secretariat brings you a good landscape of what would be the main opportunities and challenges for the year 2020 on the grains and oilseeds market.

Furthermore, Natalja Skuratovic, Senior Manager Sales at PETKUS and Christina Serebryakova, Head of Analytical Department & Agricultural Commodities at Atria Brokers analyze the latest developments in the market for Miller Magazine.

I want to thank them for their contribution to give us a better understanding of the dynamics in the grain trade.

Have a pleasant reading!

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