Duru Bulgur will produce with Industry 4.0 technology

13 September 20183 min reading

Duru Bulgur constructed a new plant with an investment of 15 million Turkish liras. The company continued its investments without putting on the break despite the speculative movement in foreign exchange and increased its contribution to the country’s economy to 15 million Turkish liras with the investment in new cereal plant.1534406514_Duru_Bakliyat_Tesisi_Yatirimi5_Agust2018

Continuing its activities to sustain economic stability, Duru Bulgur has moved on investing into cereal plant. The new plant, which is expected to be completed with an investment of 15 million Turkish liras, is aimed to be finished by the end of 2018. Speeding up its investments as of 2016, the company aims to top 45 million liras in its total investment by the end of five years. The company has the biggest facility in the region with the capacity of 50 thousand tons of cereal cleaning, sifting, and girder annually. This facility, which works in full automation and without human involvement from acceptance of production to packaging, is designed with simple production techniques and the Industry 4.0 technology.

İhsan Duru, the Chairman of Duru Bulgur, said that exporting companies should be encouraged to make more investment in the face of the increase in foreign exchange, adding that, “We continue our production activities for the country’s economy without slowing down. Last year, we made USD 17 million worth of exports and contributed our efforts to strengthen our economy.” Noting that the company has 380 employees, three bulgur facilities, and two cereal sifting and packaging facilities, Duru said, “We increased our daily production capacity to 250 tons thanks to USD 10 million investment into our third facility in 2015. We develop products specified for the main market of countries that we export. Now, for example, our products are available at the chain markets in Japan, Denmark, Australia, and Switzerland. Our aim is the main market of these countries. We aim to grow with our own brand on the retail channel with more value-added products, contrary to the export policy based on casting and commodity. 40 percent of financial turnover comes from exports. We export to 51 countries including Japan and Denmark with our brands. The value of our export to these countries was USD 17 million in the last year. We set up a research and development laboratory with an investment of USD 250,000 and develop innovative products with bulgur. Bulgur is one of the most important foods in our country. One of the most important aims is to come up with a new form in which customers can consume bulgur that can be prepared and cooked easily, and be consumed more at any moment of the day instead of eating bulgur at dinners.”

Duru said the company would continue its production activities without putting on the break in order to contribute the nation’s economy. “What we did is the guarantee for what we will do. Since 1935, we work for our country and our consumers. We will continue our work at full speed in order to show support in this troubled time and continue our investments without having a break,” he maintained.

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