Drought hinders yield and quality in Konya Plain

05 August 20161 min reading
Prof. Dr. Mehmet ZENGIN, Lecturer in Selcuk University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, , announced that the drought had a negative impact on the production of barley and wheat in Konya Plain. i_80_4 Selcuk University (SU) Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Lecturer Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zengin stated that since October 2015, high level of drought began to be noted in Konya Plain, known as Turkey’s wheat warehouse. Zengin stated that in the spring, especially between the dates of March 15-April 15, the farmers expected to have a good rainfall for the grains; yet during this critical period, Konya did not get the enough rainfall. Zengin made a critical statement as follows: “The country-wide drought in this year negatively affected barley and wheat cultivation areas in Konya plain. The wheat is cultivated on the irrigated agriculture areas; due to the drought in this year, the wheat did not reach to last year's yield and quality. The barley has also undergone a fall at this level.”
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