Çukurova Silo builds one of the largest storage facilities in Nigeria

28 October 20222 min reading

Çukurova Silo was contracted to build grain silos for Nigeria’s largest flour and pasta producer BUA Foods. The project is aimed to be one of the largest storage facilities in Nigeria.

Nigeria-based Bua Group was founded in 1988 by Abdulsamad Rabiu, who was named 5th richest person in Africa according to Forbes 2022 ranking. Its operations commenced with the importation of iron, steel and chemicals. Over time, it has made its name known in many sectors, especially as one of the major players in the flour milling and pasta processing industry where it operates through the entity called Bua Foods. Bua Foods, set out with a mission to provide high-quality foods with a focus on creating long-term value for all stakeholders while its vision is to fulfill Africa’s food demands by promoting food security and nourishing lives. Given Çukurova Silo’s wealth of experience, the company was contracted to build grain storage for BUA Foods’ new production plant.

Çukurova Silo continues its efforts to offer the highest quality products by always prioritizing customer needs and expectations with its innovative R&D studies that have become a part of life in every department of the company. By investing in innovation and creativity, it constantly updates its efforts to develop products that support the use of Green Energy and contribute to the reduction of its carbon footprint. The global climate crisis and its unexpected effects, the concerns of war that can happen anywhere in the world at any time which could trigger scarcity, underscores the need for long-term storage of more food in healthier environments.

Çukurova Silo, which carries out all these works with its energetic, dynamic staff consisting of competent and talented people who understand what the age brings, has become one of the most important stakeholders of the sector in designing the storage systems of the future.

Çukurova Silo’s first facility with a storage capacity of 32 thousand tons for Bua Foods, Nigeria’s largest flour and pasta producer, is located in Port Harcourt. The additional production of this facility, which will reach 100 thousand tons in total, has been completed by Çukurova Silo and its assembly is ongoing. This project is aimed to be one of the largest storage facilities in Nigeria as BUA Foods, continues its grain storage systems investments without slowing down.

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