Cooperation in the sector: TABADER

14 October 20163 min reading
Prof. Dr. Mustafa BAYRAM TABADER Chairman of the Board Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Gaziantep University 82

Dear Miller Magazine Readers,

Turkish Association of Pulse and Grain Processing Technologies, Storage and Analysis Systems (TABADER) that has been established in order to bring together all the parties working and carrying out researches regarding the pulse and grain sector which is one the most significant sectors and fields in both Turkey and world and of strategic importance and those parties working on the processing technologies, storage and analyses regarding these sectors has readily completed its organization and started its activities.

Covering a wide range in the sector, TABADER primarily aims for activities based on knowledge, technology and system. It has undertaken many initiatives in an effort to forge in a short period of time business cooperation with both domestic and international institutions and agencies. TABADER which will undertake quality projects at its respective field all the dynamics of the public sector, private sector and academia.

Carrying out the launch meeting on September 24, 2016 in İstanbul together with all the board members and TABADER’s new members, our association specified its targets at its first meeting and carried out a workshop by providing briefings by the experts on “State Supports” that arouse attention in its members and other participants. The next meeting of the workshop that will periodically continue in the future will be held on December 10, 2016 in Ankara and the associations’ activities and significant news relating to the sector will be shared and the members will be informed of the newly-opened and potential markets. Within this framework, TABADER will determine the periodical needs of the sector and undertake the activities that will meet these needs and establish a link between public-private sector-academia. In particular, TABADER has started to work on activities that will establish the standards and norms on the domestic and international platforms. TABADER has put on its agenda the works on the Geographical Indications that is still a worldwide trend and it will put into practice the Geographical Indication certifications of the respective products and complete within 3-4 months a strategic work in a bid to ensure they become a norm-standard in the domestic and international arena.

It is a known fact that those who have today knowledge and technology rule the world. Within this context, TABADER continues its works on such issues as information, technology, finance, R&D, P&D, standardization and lobbying based on the sector. There is a deficiency in our country in this respect. The worldwide sectors have specific expectations from Turkey. Some expect Turkey to lead the Pulse and Grain sectors in which we are in a strong position. For this reason, any activity undertaken is of great value. The sector in Turkey suffers from a problem regarding the human resources. That’s why TABADER has decided to undertake intense educational efforts in the sector. The gap in the Turkish sector will be thus filled and completely eliminated. TABADER is pondering to undertake a serious documentation service for the needs of the sector. In particular, the national and international standards, information, magazines and articles needed by the sector will be provided to the members. TABADER activities can be followed at the TABADER’s webpage and social media accounts and one can subscribe in order to participate in the activities.

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