Cleaning and Sorting Technologies in Pulses

02 March 20152 min reading
Pulses products of which dry beans, peas, chickpea and lentil are primary are good sources for protein, fiber and vitamin. Besides, it is important to recognize pulses as significant income for farmers particularly in developing countries. So Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO) declared 2016 as International Year of Pulses. As part of “2016 International Year of Pulses” led by Turkey, thanks to the rising investments, yield and quality increase in pulses production is expected. kapak63Playing an important role in preventing of serious diseases like cancer, diabetes and hearth diseases, pulses are inevitable part of a healthy and balanced diet. Consumption habits of pulses, which doubles the protein content of grains like wheat, oat and barley, change according to countries and cultures. Unfortunately in developing countries yield in pulses production decreases. Therefore 2016 International Year of Pulses aims to emphasize the global importance of pulses and increase the awareness about pulses via events, campaigns and social media tools. Both consumers and members of food industry and also governments are unaware of the possible contributions of pulses to the solutions of food-based problems that our world is facing. In this aspect, we should not forget that International Year of Pulses and investments along with it is a major opportunity for pulses processing sector.
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