Bulgur training by Duru Bulgur becomes a highlight

11 July 20172 min reading

Duru Bulgur, which has adopted the mission of promotion of bulgur around the world, held training sessions for bulgur in the 2016-2017 season, which became a highlight.


Duru Bulgur, which organized training activities in the scope of social responsibility project to promote the importance and savour of bulgur, which is an important ingredient in the Turkish cuisine, offered bulgur training to 2,241 people in the educational year of 2016-2017. The trainings focused on “the history of bulgur, manufacturing process of bulgur, its cultural role and its culinary use” and sessions were held at 11 universities, 4 women’s centres, 1 primary school and kindergarten and 2 high schools. After the trainings, participants tried various recipes from the book titled “Bulgur from History to the Recipe” published by Duru Bulgur Publications, and they received training certificates.

“CHEFS SHOULD LEARN ABOUT AND PROMOTE BULGUR” İhsan Duru, Chairman of the Executive Board of Duru Bulgur, said the trainings were helpful in giving information on bulgur and making people embrace it, and emphasized that they consider these trainings as a social responsibility project: “We give information to the young people about the manufacturing process, and history of bulgur. Today, many countries effectively promote their authentic products around the world. These promotions are supported by the governments and the chefs. During our trainings for the chefs, we create menus of bulgur dishes which they will use at restaurants in Turkey and abroad, and encourage them to support the promotion of bulgur.”

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