A loyalty night for the doyens of Turkish milling

05 January 20185 min reading

TABADER, the common platform of the companies operating in cereal and pulses processing technologies, storage and analysis systems, organized a night of loyalty for the doyens who served the milling sector in Turkey for 50 years. In the spectacular night that brought together representatives of the sector, the veterans were honored with awards. 


Attracting attention with activities organized despite being newly established, TABADER (the Association of Cereal and Pulses Processing Technologies, Storage and Analysis Systems) held a noteworthy night for the milling sector, in which Turkey is striving to be the world leader. TABADER gathered the names that took the lead in the development of milling in Turkey and paved the path to Turkey’s world leadership in flour export in the “Gathering of Doyens”. The historic night held in Sheraton Ankara hotel was witnessed by the representatives of the companies from all branches of the sector and academicians.

Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Mr. Ahmet Güldal was also present at the night. In his opening speech, TABADER’s Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bayram mentioned the importance of milling. Reminding that milling is the oldest branch of industry in the world, Bayram said “When the stone touched the stone, milling is deemed to have started. Therefore, milling is as old as the history of humanity. Maybe it is the first branch of industry. When the people started great migrations, they met new products everywhere they went. But 4 products determined the destiny of humanity: Sorghum, wheat, rice, and corn. The humanity had to invent the mill to process these products. By the 18th century, the number of mills in the world was around 700-800 thousand. 60-70 percent of those were water mills. Today, we are in Industry 4.0 era, and this oldest branch of industry is the one that can advance to Industry 4.0 fastest.”

Emphasizing on the fact that almost 70 percent of the food consumed daily in the world is processed by milling machinery, Prof Bayram explained that TABADER, operating in such an important sector, determined the “doyens” that contributed in the development of Turkey in this area following a meticulous study. He said “Tonight is a loyalty night and a night of doyens. The night of the doyens who served the sector for 50 years, produced knowledge, created technology. I wish this association had been established a long time ago, therefore we could have honored those who are no longer with us today while we still had them. But we will continue to hold this night of loyalty at regular intervals to not forget the doyens.” Defining the association as “an association bringing together those producing machinery, technology and innovation”, he also stated that the association will continue to work in order to bring new people and brain power to the sector. He emphasized that they will endeavor to raise the new generation that will carry the flag in vocational schools and universities.


tabader_bakanlikla_iliskiler Taking the platform after Bayram, Deputy Undersecretary Mr. Ahmet Güldal gave the regards of the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Dr. Ahmet Eşref Fakıbaba. He said that the Minister could not attend the program due to his travels to the Eastern Anatolia. Expressing his satisfaction with his participation in the night, Güldal appraised TABADER stating that it is operating with a very valuable purpose to guide companies and organizations in the sector. Stating that “We, as bureaucrats, are delighted to make your jobs easier,” Güldal said he believed that the relations of the members of the milling industry with the ministry would be much healthier and faster through TABADER.

Following Güldal’s speech, the award ceremony started. The seniors, who have served the sector for over 50, came to the stage one after another when their names were read. Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Güldal gave the plates to the veterans. The doyens, including those above 80 years old, such as the founder of Yükseliş AŞ Ahmet Kunduracı, Noyan Galip Erik one of the first names that comes to mind when talking about diagrammes in Turkey, Enver Ataseven, who laid the foundations of Değirmen Makina, Ergin Ünver, who participated in many research in the sector and the founder of Molino Makine, Dr. Ömer Lütfü Alaybeyi, received their plates through applause. The seniors, who experienced great honor, and the sector representatives applauding them on their feet seemed to be emotional.


tabader_torunlar Following the “Half Century in the Sector” category, the plates of “Those Who Left Us” category were given. In this category, the names including İsmail Çolak, Ferruh Aybakar, and Mehmet Alapala, who labored in milling and lost their lives were honored. TABADER did not forget İlhan Cavcav, who is rather known for his sports managership by the Turkish public. Cavcav was remembered with an award for his contributions to the milling sector. The sons, daughters or little grandchildren of the deceased received the awards in this category containing 10 names. Especially the grandchildren who received the awards on behalf of their grandfathers touched the participants.


tabader_zk Awards in two more categories were given in the night of loyalty: Those Who Contributed to the Development of the Sector and Those Who Brought Value to the Sector. In the category of Those Who Brought Value to the Sector, Erhan Özmen, who was the President of TUSAF for 10 years and who is still the President of the Association of Southeastern Flour Industrialists, and Zübeyde Kavraz, the General Manager of Parantez Group, who brought all the stakeholders of the milling sector of the world together for the first time, were rewarded. At the end of the night, the members of TABADER received their membership certificates.

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