Breakthrough service for millers from Milleral: PRO SUPPORT

02 May 20162 min reading
Milleral, milling technologies brand of İmaş Makine, introduces Pro Support service that ushers a new era in milling sector. h_77_2 One of the leading companies in milling technologies, İmaş Makine is now featuring a new service to milling that ushers a new era in milling sector with its Milleral brand: Pro Support. Pro Support is developed for supporting millers with more rapid and efficient service in technical service requirements. What makes this service unique and significant is that Pro-Support serves not only the mills with Milleral technologies but also the whole grain milling sector. In other words, whether you have a Milleral plant/product or not Pro Support is under your service without any conditions. Likewise, if you have a Milleral plant/product you can benefit from the same service whether your product is under warranty or not. Pro Support team, whose responsibility is to serve for technical service after sales, provide 24/7 support for a continuous operation in mills. The team which consists of experts and focus on providing right analyses and efficient and rapid solutions, also provides consultancy services to make millers’ plant diagram more efficient when required Pro Support service which is unconditionally provided around the world can be obtained via e-mail, telephone and whatsApp.
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