Armada Gıda invests 5.5 million dollar for a bulgur facility

13 September 20162 min reading

Armada Gıda, one of Turkey's major cereal, pulse and rice producers, invests 5.5 million dollars for a new bulgur facility.

armada Cereal, pulse and rice producer and exporter Armada Gıda, which is based in Mersin-Turkey, implemented a $5.5 million investment for the facility. Currently, the company undertakes the importation of nearly 40 products. They plan to keep on their growth thanks to their new facility. According to the report by Şafak Ayşan Bora from Dünya Newspaper, Armada Gıda activates its new bulgur facility with an investment of 5.5 million dollars. The company conducts production, packaging and exportation of nearly 40 products such as cereals, pulses and rice. Fethi Sönmez, the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Armada Gıda, gave information about the facility which was activated in April. He said that the company renders services on an area of 40 thousand square meters including 32 thousand square meters indoor area. He underlines that the factory activated a bulgur factory on an indoor area of 4 thousand square meters. Sönmez expressed that the bulgur factory has the daily capacity of 240 tons and it is one of the most modern facilities in the region.

7.5 MILLION DOLLAR ADDITIONAL INVESTMENT AT THE END OF 2017 "The worldwide usage of bulgur is increasing day by day thanks to its high nutritional values. We have made this investment in order to fulfil this need,” said Sönmez. He added that they planned to invest 7.5 million dollars at the end of 2017. In this way, they aimed to increase the current capacity by 20 percent. He also explained their investment on solar energy: “We identified that the energy consumption is really high in our 4 integrated facilities. Then we invested on the solar energy by utilizing the government promotions. Our solar energy based production facility will be operational in 2017 and we will produce our own electricity.”

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