Duru Bulgur continues to invest in new bulgur varieties

13 September 20162 min reading

İhsan Duru, Chairman of Duru Bulgur, said that they conduct different operations in order to introduce Turkish bulgur to the world. He underlined that the company makes significant investments on R&D studies to create innovative bulgur products for different tastes of foreign countries.

durubulgurDuru Bulgur, one of Turkey's outstanding food companies, produces 15 varieties of bulgur and becomes one of the leading brands in the industry. İhsan Duru, Chairman of Duru Bulgur, remarked that they have developed healthy and natural bulgur products in order to fulfil the needs of consumers. İhsan Duru stated that they achieved significant investments on R&D and added: "While improving our bulgur products, we never compromise on health, naturalness and taste. When we conduct research in foreign countries, we try to develop bulgur recipes and dishes in accordance with the cuisine and taste of that country. We popularise bulgur among the rice-lover Chinese people. Italian people who like pizza and pasta started to love bulgur.” One of the innovative bulgur varieties of Duru Bulgur is called Başbaşı bulgur. Başbaşı bulgur, a very challenging and popular taste, is produced out of the most natural form of bulgur by peeling the husk of bulgur without breaking them on a stone mill. Başbaşı bulgur is really similar to the whole wheat in terms of nutritional value and it consists of coarse grains.

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