Al Hazaa Group opens bakery development centre in Amman

03 March 20232 min reading

Al-Hazaa Investment Group opened a bakery development center in Amman to act as a research and development center for the group’s flour mills in Jordan. The new bakery development center, that was supplied by well-known international companies like MIWE Michael Wenz GmbH, DIOSNA and others, will conduct baking trails to evaluate the quality of flour and end baked goods, and will enhance product development by innovating new recipes, solutions or find necessary improvements for flour production.


Located in one of the group’s flour mills, namely the South Amman Flour Mills (SAFM) in Daba’a, the bakery development center is supported by the SAFM’s laboratory as well, which is a sophisticated and highly developed quality assurance laboratory, capable of carrying out sophisticated measurements of flour’s specifications like gluten performance, water absorption, protein levels and others.


The bakery development center will serve Al-Hazaa Investment Group’s 4 flour mills in Jordan but will also open doors for clients and partners to conduct trails and trainings for their personnel. Thanks to the vast experience of Al-Hazaa Group’s cadre on grain, flour, dough and bread science, SAFM’s lab and new bakery will offer the opportunity for clients to conduct comprehensive full analyses starting from grain quality to final baked product for fast and reliable results from an accredited source working according to international standards of ICC and AACC, linking the lab analysis with actual application and baking trails.

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