StoneX launches powerful web-based merchandising system for the commercial grain industry

01 March 20222 min reading

New web-based platform boasts the industry's most advanced toolset aimed at empowering commercial grain companies of all sizes to increase grain origination efficiency.

StoneX Financial Inc., a subsidiary of StoneX Group Inc., announced the launch of StoneHedge, a new web-based merchandising system that enables commercial grain companies to originate grain more efficiently by streamlining the process of creating and managing offers/contracts and their corresponding hedge orders.

StoneHedge solves grain companies' most critical needs, allowing them to incorporate cash bids, stream quotes, initiate contract/offers/orders, and manage their long/short position and hedges through one centralized and easy-to-use platform. The StoneHedge system has already been rolled out to StoneX customers with over 50 million bushels handled over the last 12 months and will be available to the entire industry soon.

Dave Smoldt, President of the StoneX Commodities Division, commented on the news, "We are beyond thrilled to roll out StoneHedge, a seamless technology system that dramatically increases efficiency and creates an opportunity to reduce risk for the industry. StoneX prides itself on leveraging our connections and our boots-on-the-ground experience to better understand the clients we serve. StoneHedge was born out of our unique mix of our industry knowledge and technical expertise that gives us a deeper and more meaningful understanding of our customers' goals and needs."

StoneHedge was designed to transform grain companies' offer management process to drive efficiency, enabling them to serve their customers better by increasing productivity for originators and hedge managers while minimizing the potential for errors and slippage.

Mike Silver, Manager of Grain Origination & Risk Services of Kokomo Grain, Kokomo, IN, and StoneHedge Customer, stated, "We recently integrated StoneHedge into our operation and are already convinced we made the right decision for our business. Grain companies often deal with multiple customers across multiple locations, and with competition growing and margins shrinking, efficiency and customer service become more important than ever. StoneHedge has helped improve both through its all-in-one intuitive platform that is clearly designed to be easy to use for our industry."

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