AGI EMEA Mechanical Handling L-Line

10 December 20213 min reading

Exceeding their customer’s expectations is a foundational, companywide priority at AGI. This is exemplified at AGI EMEA, AGI’s European manufacturing headquarters located in Bologna, Italy. Their new facilities house the production of recognizable equipment lines including storage from AGI FRAME and handling from AGI PTM, along with their team of engineers and sales managers. These new facilities have enabled AGI to increase manufacturing production, produce high quality equipment and continue to innovate new equipment lines to serve their customers across the globe.

This year, AGI EMEA has launched their new mechanical handling L-Line, bringing an ideal, cost-effective solution to the market to better serve farmers and small grain operators.  The new L-Line is designed and manufactured in Italy with the highest European standard. With its optimal operational performance, the L-Line meets farmers' seasonal harvest demand. 


For many, installation time is a top concern, fear of bottlenecks and delays, especially when approaching a busy harvest season. The engineers at AGI EMEA developed a solution, the L-Line is conceptually designed and optimized to reduce assembly time. The modular structure reduces the cost to assemble the machinery, which aides in meeting the client's deadline to have the plant fully commissioned.

The AGI EMEA L-Line is designed to match with AGI EMEA silos and accessories, the design is conceived to easily fit into every catwalk and components used in the farm market. The AGI integrated solution consists of ladders and platforms to safely access the bucket elevator head for proper maintenance and inspection.

Tail with tensioning by screws

Similar to other products produced by AGI EMEA, the L-Line is considered to be in the top-class for control and operational standards. Anti-clogging, rotation sensor and the belt alignment control system are standard accessories for the L-Line machines. Visual inspection is always available through the windows placed at the bucket elevator foot and conveyor head. The L-Line chain conveyor and bucket elevator is suited for agricultural applications, with capacities up to 200 t/h, made with galvanized steel, the modular and structured design delivers an efficient and cost-effective solution for transporting materials from your storage silos.

head unit

The L-Line has already been installed in many locations across Africa, from farms to millers. In Mozambique, AGI commissioned a Mill with 100t/h and 1000t storage capacity, with 1 FPS14/08 bin with aeration, sweep and MPL60 cleaner, L-Line elevator, intake and reclaim chain conveyor as well as 1x FCS45 04/05 for a day bin to feed a small maize mill. 

“We’re really excited about the L-Line production that AGI EMEA has brought to market this year, it is great for our smaller operational customers, who typically store under 30,000 tons versus the larger commercial operations that the AGI PTM conveyors and elevator lines were originally created for, it is a great addition to our catalog, allowing us to better serve our customers across Africa” – Willie Coetzee, Regional Sales Manager South Africa

AGI’s commitment to innovation and delivering world-class customer experience is what sets them apart from their competition. To learn more about AGI’s catalog of equipment and technology or learn more about the L-Line visit or contact

L -LINE Chain Conveyor

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