Yenar delivers its 100th Combined Fluting and Grinding Machine

09 December 20216 min reading

Yenar is proud to have produced its 100th CNC Roll Fluting and Grinding Machine. The company celebrated the milestone with a gathering of current employees in December 2021.

Yenar, one of the world's largest producers of milling rolls, has produced a total of 100 CNC Fluting and Grinding machines since 2013 when it started production by combining with its long date experiences and powers in the roll business. The combined machine of Yenar, are produced in its new plant equipped with the latest technology machines with the highest level quality control equipment.

The major features of the machines manufactured by Yenar include grinding the roll in the desired profile according to the flow sheet and additional mounted crane option, as well as local language support and remote access systems. Thanks to this model, Yenar offers the opportunity to flute and grind the rolls up to Ø350 mm and 1.500 mm in length.


Yenar continues its production without interruption and produced 25 rolls fluting and grinding machines and 22 sandblasting machines for smooth rolls in 2021. There are three sizes of machines as combined fluting and grinding machines or single fluting machine, single grinding machine offered by Yenar, has a range of flowing sizes; 350x1500 mm, 450x2100 mm and 600x2100 mm for flour milling rolls, feed milling and oil milling rolls. The machines are designed to work efficiently and completely different from the existing machines on the market, with an emphasis on innovation. Due to Yenar is a manufacturer of rolls and the end-user has managed to produce the most ergonomic and flexible machines in fact 13 fluting machines are under operation in its own facilities. Yenar CNC fluting and grinding machines, which can be used in the simplest way by customers and is a marvel of advanced design, provides great convenience in the service of fluted or sand blasted rolls. Yenar combined fluting and grinding machine presents three options for grinding roll types, which are cylindrical, camber and chamfer only need choose one of the types to grind. For fluting operation is only need to input your flow sheet to the screen then homemade software is calculated automatically the cutting depth. The machine available a remote assistance connection for problem solving.

Concerning to Yenar Sandblasting machine allows you to reach the requested roughness average on your surface of smooth rolls. PLC controlled machine has a sand recycling system and vacuum suction with filter so dust-free environment.

The targeted number of 45 different types of machines for 2021, was reached by the end of 2020. 100 % of the produced machines were exported. YF / YFG 35150, 45210, 60210 model machines are exported to more than 30 countries worldwide with the single fluting, grinding or combined fluting and grinding options produced in the new plant.

Yenar continuously improves its technical infrastructure by making high-cost investments and produces the most equipped machinery required by the market. Yenar, which gained a great momentum with machine production, strengthened its position in the domestic and international markets by meeting its investments and growth with its own resources.

The management of Yenar, said that, “As we have been in our production of rolls for 26 years, we will continue our investments, production and exports in 2022. We provide service to our customers not only with our productions but also with our after-sales service. With investments done, our plant is the only production plant for the combined fluting and grinding machines in the world. Selling 100 machines in such a short time shows the trust of our customers in our products. In more than 30 countries, especially in America and Asia continents including the USA, Japan, Indonesia millers easily re-flute, grind and sandblasted their rolls by themselves. We would like to thank all our employees who contributed to our milestone 100th machine”.

“Yenar is trying always to improve the quality and the consistency of the sector with adding new devices and developments. We are grateful to our competitors who push us to make all these improvements and force Yenar to be step ahead. All these machines production is due to the need of the sector. Same for the RollCare Profile Measurement device, we wanted to check the profile of the flutes that we were doing on the rolls the had a machine which was to complicated and a Lab environment machine so R&D developed the new laser profile measurement device.”

The rollCare Profile Measurement Device is a device designed using laser technology that able to check roll profiles on the roller mills. This device allows us to compare the roll fluting profile with the theoretical one and plant operators to plan the optimum maintenance plan. The rollCare does not require any adjustment and automatically overlaps both profiles and reports us the required value. So you can check what is the sharp and dull angles, land, how many flutes on per/cm, depth of the flutes and how is the flutes wear out already. In addition, you can put it on the fluting machine while actively fluting and check the flutes status, providing a system to check whether the land and depth which is the most important parts of flutes are correct or still need to fluting. You can measure also the tool angles after sharping it which you have did perfectly according angles or not. This device is equipped with wireless so no need to carry your laptop to all places while you are sitting in the roller mill control room you can measure all rolls. RollCare also provided with a battery.

Yenar continues to develop machinery not only for the flour milling sector but also for the oil milling sector. Repair of flaker rolls in the oil milling takes too long time. “To shorten this time, the latest innovation of our R&D center is the flakeCare mobile turning and grinding machine. The flakeCare machine allows you to refurbishment the flaking rolls surface on the flaker on site without removing the rolls. This machine is custom-designed accordingly to the machine as the linkage points for each machines manufacturer different. It is a different machine from the existing ones on the market it is combined turning and grinding machine and CNC controlled,” the company said in a statement.

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